Competitions for 2021

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1Open10 Feb10 Mar
2Isolation/Solitude10 Mar14 Apr
3Creative Blur14 Apr12 May
4Monochrome12 May9 Jun
5Night Photography9 Jun14 Jul
6Juxtaposition14 Jul11 Aug
7Open11 Aug8 Sep
8Environmental Portrait8 Sep13 Oct
9Scapes13 Oct10 Nov

These are the guidelines for the above competitions:

You can interpret solitude and isolation in whatever way you like, either with or without the presence of persons/people. Here are some definitions to help you out.
Solitude – the quality or state of being alone or remote from society.
Isolation – the detachment from others, either voluntarily or involuntarily

Creative Blur
Blur is created in various ways like motion blur, long exposure, zoom, camera movement, panning, shallow Depth of Field (DOF). Sometimes pin-sharp is not necessary and blur can create a beautiful image. Be creative. Blur must be created in camera and not post production.

An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no colour (i.e. contains only shades of grey which can include pure black and pure white) OR it gives the impression of being a greyscale image that has been toned in one colour across the entire image.
(For example, by Sepia, red, gold, etc.) A greyscale or multi – coloured image modified or giving the impression of having been modified by partial toning, Multi-toning or by the inclusion of spot colouring does not meet the definition of monochrome and shall be classified as a Colour Work

Night Photography
Night or nighttime is the period of ambient darkness from sunset to sunrise, when the sun is below the horizon.

Juxtaposition is an act or instance of placing two elements close together or side by side. This is typically accomplished when the two elements are contrasting or opposing in nature.

Environmental Portraiture
A photograph is of someone, A portrait is about someone.
By photographing a person in their natural surroundings or creating an environment that represents something about them, it is thought that you will be able to better illuminate their character, and therefore portray the essence of their personality, rather than merely a likeness of their physical features. This can be taken in a candid street photography style or set up in a studio so long as it tells us about the person in the image. Examples would be someone within their workplace, like a chef in a busy kitchen, a painter in their studio with all their paints, or a mechanic in his garage with all the tools and cars within the scene.

For this competition we can use “…scape” as the means for making images referring to a wide or extensive view of a place. Images classified as Landscapes, seascapes or urban landscapes may be selected for entry.
Landscape/Seascape – is an image of a typical landscape/seascape, incorporating elements of nature and the natural environment, as it could be seen by the human eye if one were standing looking at the scene and with the intention of bringing the viewer into the scene. Any human or human-made element can only be incorporated if it contributes in a minimalistic way to the scale of the image.
Urban landscape – any image that is taken within the confines of a built-up area. The image may focus broadly on architecture, the streets, or the interaction between people and their environment. An urban landscape can be seen as a way of documenting or interpreting the essence of a city or town from the photographer’s viewpoint.


Activities for 2021

Date Activity
10 Feb “The Year of Freedom & Photography”
This Year – Overview
Review 60 Sec Promotional VideosBring a plate for supper
Entries due for Competition 1 – Open
Entries due for VAPS
16 Feb Exhibition Setup
21 Feb Exhibition Opening Afternoon 2 – 4pm
24 Feb Williamstown Walk. Fish n chips on the beach
10 Mar Judging Competition 1

Entries due for Competition 2 – Isolation/Solitude

15 Mar Exhibition Takedown
19 Mar Celebrating Photography – Exhibition Conclusion
24 Mar Pet Photography on location – Whittlesea
28 Mar Treasure hunt with Whittlesea
14 Apr Judging Competition 2

Entries due for Competition 3 – Creative Blur

28 Apr If you love it, print it!
30 Apr – 2 May Weekend Away – Walhalla
12 May Judging Competition 3

Entries due for Competition 4 – Open – Monochrome

26 May Night Photography
9 Jun Judging Competition 4

Entries due for Competition 5 – Night Photography

23 Jun Environmental Portraiture – Craig Wetjen
14 Jul Judging Competition 5

Entries due for Competition 6 – Juxtaposition

25 Jul Studio 1140
28 Jul Tabletop

Entries due for Rosanna Interclub

11 Aug AGM

Judging Competition 6

Entries due for Competition 7 – Open

25 Aug Critique Night, we are the judges.
29 Aug Waterfalls & Rivers Outing
8 Sep Judging Competition 7

Entries due for Competition 8 – Environmental Portrait

16 Sep Rosanna Inter-club. DVPS Hosting
22 Sep Ken Toomey – Glass Slide Presentation
8-10 Oct BFOP – Bright Festival Of Photography
13 Oct Judging Competition 8

Entries due for Competition 9 – …Scapes
Entries due for End Of Year

27 Oct Macro Workshop
10 Nov Judging Competition 9
24 Nov Twilight Park Outing
7 Dec End Of Year Dinner