Competitions for 2022

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1Open9 Feb9 Mar
2Side Lighting9 Mar13 Apr
3In My Neighbourhood13 Apr11 May
4Open11 May8 Jun
5Black and White - In The Moment9 Jun13 Jul
6The Human Body13 Jul10 Aug
7Portrait10 Aug14 Sep
8Abandoned Places14 Sep12 Oct
9Landscape - Vertical12 Oct9 Nov

Competition guidelines

“Side Lighting”

Side lighting is light that falls on a subject at roughly ninety degrees to the camera. This means that one side of a subject will be lit and the other side will be in shadow. In terms of helping to convey a subject’s shape and form this is ideal. … Side lighting doesn’t evenly illuminate your subject.


“In Your Neighbourhood”

“In your neighbourhood” – capturing life coming back to normal in your local area. It is the place that is within walking distance of your home.

This is a broad category intended to portray local life, covering architecture, urban landscapes, wildlife and people in an urban environment, capturing candid images.

This can include the local stores, shops & owners that you might visit regularly. It can include street photographs or photo journalist shots.


“In the Moment” (Black and White)

A moment in time is a key concept in photography. The very act of making photos is to preserve, for posterity, important moments and experiences from our lives. Seeing the moment as something special to preserve is a skill that all great photographers draw on when searching for the right moment to press the shutter. This comp looks at capturing those moments, not just for yourselves, but to engage the viewers interest so that they may experience that moment as well. (IMPORTANT: You can do basic post production – exposure adjustment, conversion to black & white and cropping. Only black & white. No monochrome).


“Human Body”

This is a wide category, that will let your creativity flow: Your image must have the main focus on part/s of the human body for example:- a face, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, arms, fingers, legs and feet.
This is not a portrait. It can be in black and white or colour. It can be portrayed in a creative way.
Possible examples could include: macro or abstract, multiple exposure, or it can be symbolic. It can be digitally enhanced and manipulated. Play with different post production effects, You can use and explore different lighting, and artistic techniques and approaches.



Portrait photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject/s by using effective lighting, backdrops, or poses. Portraits may be candid, posed, made in a studio, outdoors or indoors. Images may be black and white, monochrome or colour. Portraits of animals are not accepted for this competition. Consider your connection with the subject.


“Abandoned Places”

An abandoned place or object is somewhere or thing that is no longer occupied or used, old, fallen into ruin and decay. It could be an abandoned building, church, a disused road or derelict architecture or associated objects in that place. Try to bring impact and an artistic presence to the photo. All abandoned places have a story. What story are you trying to convey? No people or added elements to the photo (no Photoshopping images into the photo). It’s about the abandoned place.


“Landscape” (Vertical orientation)

Your landscape image should incorporate elements of nature and the natural environment, as it could be seen by the human eye if one were standing looking at the scene and with the intention of bringing the viewer into the scene. Any human or human-made element can only be incorporated if it helps to convey a sense of scale in a minimalist way.

NOTE: The image must be taken in portrait or vertical orientation.


Activities for 2022

Date Activity
9 Feb.
  • “Lens Life Vision”
  • The Year Preview
  • Entries due for Competition 1: Open category
  • Entries due for VAPS
  • NOTE: Bring a plate to share for supper
23 Feb.
  • Brighton Beach Walk
6 March
  • Tamale Studio Day
9 March
  • Judge Competition 1
  • Entries due for Competition 2: “Side Lighting”
23 March
  • Elements of a good Photo
13 April
  • Judge Competition 2
  • Entries due for Competition 3: “In Your Neighbourhood”
27 April
  • Presentation of  J.W. Lindt: Early Melbourne Photographer
29 April–

1 May

  • Weekend away: Hopetoun/Lake Tyrell
11 May
  • Judge Competition 3
  • Entries due for Competition 4 (Open)
  • Western Treatment Plant: Bird Photography & Landscape/Seascape
25 May
  • Street Photography: Adrian Weare
8 June
  • Judge Competition 4
  • Entries due for Competition 5: “In the Moment” (Black and White, No photo manipulation)
3-5 June
  • VAPS Convention, Wangarattta
22 June
  • Photojournalism: Con Chronis
13 July
  • Judge Competition 5
  • Entries due for Competition 6: “Human Body”
23 July
  • Maldon History & “Abandoned”
27 July
  • Presentation of  J.W. Lindt: Early Melbourne Photographer
10 Aug.
  • Judge Competition 6
  • Entries due for Competition 7: “Portrait”
24 Aug.
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Abandoned Places: Steve Chaz Rosanna Interclub entries due
10 Sept.
  • Outing: Waterfalls and Rivers
14 Sept.
  • Judge Competition 7
  • Entries due for Competition 8: “Abandoned Places”
28 Sept.
  • DVPS: Night photography and photographic equipment sale
7-9 Oct.
  • Bright Festival of Photography
12 Oct.
  • Judge Competition 8
  • Entries due for Competition 9: “Landscape” (Vertical orientation)
  • End of year entries due
21–23 Oct.
  • Weekend away: Grampians
26 Oct.
  • Rosanna Interclub: DVPS Hosting (Note: Bring supper)
9 Nov.
  • Judge Competition 9
23 Nov.
  • “Closeup/Macro”
2 Dec.
  • DVPS: End of Year Dinner