Competitions for 2023

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1Open8 Feb8 Mar
2Tell a Storey8 Mar12 Apr
3Water12 Apr10 Apr
4Portrait10 May14 Jun
5Monochrome14 Jun12 Jul
6Action12 Jul9 Aug
7Abstract9 Aug13 Sep
8Flora & Fauna13 Sep11 Oct
9Landscape11 Oct8 Nov

Competition guidelines

Competition 2     Tell a story

Relate a story through photography. With one image tell a story without words. Use your
camera to give insight into a specific situation, event, subject, issue, or theme. Your photo
could be powerful and evoke emotions, be educational, or provide a deeper understanding.
Start by thinking about what you are passionate about. Open your mind to the possibilities
of photo story telling be it personal or a global issue. Your image could say something about
climate change, mental health, a social or personal event, someone special in your life (your
grandmother) or any public figure – we all have a story to tell.

Competition 3     Water

This is a challenge to consider photographing a common element – WATER. Explore the
possibilities of representing it in an image, your photo can be of any water, including water
in its different forms: ice, snow, steam, sea, river, lake, ocean, clouds, Be as creative as
you like! For example: shoot abstract water images, get in the water, freeze wave action,
use ND filters to control exposure time, use water movement to create leading lines, shoot
reflections, shoot morning dew, shoot in wet weather, or create a water feature. Water
must be the main feature of your photo.

Competition 4     Portrait Open

Portrait photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the
personality of the subject(s) by using effective lighting, backdrops, or poses. Portraits may
be candid, posed, made in a studio, outdoors or indoors. Images may be black and white,
monochrome or colour. Portraits of animals are accepted for this competition. Consider
your connection with the subject.

Competition 5     Monochrome

Black and white images combine black and white in a continuous spectrum, producing a
range of shades of grey. This year we are including Monochrome which can contain
variations of one colour and nothing else. This could be different shades of sepia, blue,
green, or grey, for example.

Competition 6     Action

Action photography is about capturing subjects in motion, showing speed or subject
movement. It can encompass wildlife, sports, traffic, water flowing or everyday items such
as washing on the line. You can apply a range of techniques including, panning, long
shutter speeds, motion blur, flash or high shutter speeds to freeze action.

Competition 7     Abstract

Abstract photos do not have an immediate association with the physical world. It does not
attempt to represent reality, objects, people, or places. That said, sometimes objects,
people or places are recognizable in some way. It is often a distortion of reality. Try to
explore the world around you in an unusual way or look at something from a different
angle. Think about light and shadow, shape, line, repetition, colour, texture and natures
natural abstracts. Be experimental in your approach. Your image could be minimalist or
could explore the close–up details of an everyday object. You can use movement, blur,
perspective, multiple exposures, or post–processing to create your abstract image.

Competition 8     Australian Flora and Fauna

Flora refers to all Australian plant life and fauna refers to all Australian animal life.
Plant species including trees, fungi, lichens, flowers and leaves.
Animal life includes birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.
Very minimal man–made objects can appear in the image. No added elements to the photo
(no Photoshopping images into the photo).

Competition 9     Landscape/Seascape

Images may be a Landscape or a Seascape. They should incorporate elements of the
natural environment as it can be seen by the human eye, with the intention to bring the
viewer into the scene. Any human or human–made element can only be incorporated if it is
relevant to the scene or conveys a sense of scale.


Activities for 2023     “Expanding Horizons”



Date Activity
February 8 Year Overview
Entries due Competition 1 – Open
VAPS entries due
February 22 Melbourne City Night Out
March 8 Judging Competition 1
Entries due Competition 2 – Tell a Story
March 22 Action Workshop: Basketball & Bikes
Mill Park All Abilities Play Space
April 12 Judging Competition 2
Entries due Competition 3 – Water
April 26 Photo Books & Photo Essays Presentation
May/April Rob Roy Historic Hillclimb day trip (date TBA)
May 6 Bunnings BBQ Fund Raiser
May 10 Judging Competition 3
Entries due Competition 4 – Portrait
May 26-28 Mount Beauty weekend
May 24 Creative Photography
Zoom presentation by Meike Boynton
June 14 Judging Competition 4
Entries due Competition 5 – Monochrome
June 16-18 VAPS Convention – Colac
June 28 Creative Photography Workshop
Rosanna Interclub images due
July 12 Judging Competition 5
Entries due Competition 6 – Action
July 26 Photography Sale +
A Photographic Adventure – Presented by Leanne
July 30 Creative Abstract Photo Walk
August 9 Judging Competition 6
Entries due Competition 7 – Abstract
August 11 Dinner & Photo Book Theme
August 17 Rosanna/DVPS Interclub at Rosanna
August 23 AGM
How to get the best out of your camera
September 10 Cranbourne Native Gardens day trip
September 13 Judging Competition 7
Entries due Competition 8 – Flora & Fauna
September 27 Light Painting indoors & outdoors
October 6-8 Bright Festival of Photography
October 11 Judging Competition 8
Entries due Competition 9 – Landscape
EOY Competition entries due
October 25 Still life workshop
October 27-29 Grampians weekend
November 8 Judging Competition 9
November 22 Plenty Gorge Photography night out
December 1 End of Year Dinner