Competitions for 2020

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1Open12 Feb11 Mar
2Transport11 Mar8 Apr
3Shot From Above8 Apr13 May
4Something Starting With R13 May10 Jun
5Australian Flora and Fauna10 Jun8 Jul
6Monochrome (Open)8 Jul12 Aug
7Open12 Aug9 Sep
8People Portraiture9 Sep14 Oct
9Into The Woods14 Oct11 Nov

These are the guidelines for the above competitions:

When we look at the definition of transport “take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship,” it opens up a diverse range of photographic opportunities. You could consider old, traditional or modern means of transport, which includes horse and carriage, penny farthing bike, trains, trams, segways, skateboard, bicycles, scooters, planes and prams, etc. Images can be colour, black and white or monochrome.

Shot From Above:
This is an open subject category, however, the image must be shot looking down on the subject or scene. This can be directly pointing down or from a high point looking down.

Something Starting with “R”:
The main subject of your photo should be something starting with R.

Australian Flora and Fauna:
Images must depict the natural environment with the main element either Australian Flora or
Australian Fauna or both. Images must be taken within Australia only. Entries may not include any human/man-made elements.

A photograph developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour.

People Portraiture:
Portrait photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject/s by using effective lighting, backdrops, or poses. Portraits may be candid, posed, made in a studio, outdoors or indoors. Images may be black and white, monochrome or colour. Portraits of animals are not accepted for this competition

Into The Woods:
The main subject of an image should be a wood, forest or bushland. Your creative interpretation may include paths, roads, people, animals, dwellings, rivers, creeks, and so forth in a “woods” setting.

Activities for 2020



12 Feb

All about the light but don’t forget the shade”
The year overview
Preparation of Prints & EDPI for Comps

Bring along a plate for supper
Entries due for Competition 1 – Open

26 Feb

City Outing

29 Feb

Outing to Blue Lotus Water Garden

11 Mar

Judging Competition 1

Entries due for Competition 2 – Transport
Entries due for VAPS

25 Mar

Studio Night

8 Apr

Judging Competition 2

Entries due for Competition 3 Shot From Above

18 Apr

Outing to Healesville Sanctuary

22 Apr

Playing with Fire and Light

13 May

Judging Competition 3

Entries due for Competition 4 Something Starting with “R”

15-17 May

Weekend away to Walhalla

27 May

Presentation on Composite Images

10 Jun

Judging Competition 4

Entries due for Competition 5 Australia Flora and Fauna

24 Jun

Workshop with Brett Ferguson

26-28 Jun

VAPS Convention – Wangaratta

3 Jul

Dinner and Photo Story

Membership Fees Due

8 Jul

Judging Competition 5

Entries due for Competition 6 – Monochrome (Open)
Entries due for Rosanna Interclub

22 Jul

Edit My Image

12 Aug

Judging Competition 6

Entries due for Competition 7 – Open

16 Aug

Studio 1140

26 Aug

Rosanna Interclub – DVPS Hosting

Bring along a plate for supper

9 Sep

Judging Competition 7

Entries due for Competition 8 People Portraiture

18-20 Sep

Bright Festival of Photography

23 Sep

Brief for “Tell a Story”

14 Oct

Judging Competition 8

Entries due for Competition 9 – Into The Woods
Entries due for End Of Year

28 Oct

Tell a Story” Presentation and Supper

Bring along a plate for supper

7-8 Nov

Eltham Festival

11 Nov

Judging Competition 9

25 Nov

Presentation – Australian Travel and Photo Books

4 Dec

End Of Year Dinner