Competitions for 2024

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1Open14 Feb13 Mar
2Monochrome13 Mar10 Apr
3Minimalism10 Apr8 May
4Industrial / Agricultural8 May12 Jun
5Long Exposure12 Jun10 Jul
6Lifestyle Portrait10 Jul14 Aug
7Landscape / Seascape14 Aug11 Sep
8Open11 Sep9 Oct
9Forces of Nature9 Oct13 Nov

Competition guidelines 2024

Competition 1 Open  

Competition 2 Monochrome  

Monochrome can include black and white or single tone images.  Black and white images combine black and white with the various shades of grey, in a continuous spectrum of one colour (black & white).  Monochrome is a black and white image modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour and nothing else. This could be different shades of sepia, blue, green or grey, for example. 

Competition 3 Minimalist 

Like other forms of minimalist art, this photography style is about stripping a subject down to its essence. The 6 elements in minimalist photography are, similarity (but not boring), the use of negative space, powerful composition, isolation, colour, the use of lines and shape. Images are normally composed in a clean, clinical way. It may be any genre e.g. Portrait, Black & White, Creative or Landscape/Seascape. 

Adding elements to the photo or removing large elements is not permitted. No Photoshopping images into or out of the photo is allowed. You may remove small distractions.  

Competition 4 Industrial/Agricultural
Images must incorporate themes involving scenes and/or activities relating to Industry or Agriculture, including but not restricted to, industrial or agricultural buildings, machinery, installations, building sites, work places. Images must convey an impression that the depicted themes have once been or are now being employed in industrial or agricultural activities.

Competition 5 Long Exposure 

Long exposure photography is a technique that uses a long shutter speed to capture images.  This means that the camera shutter stays open for a long period of time, allowing more light to enter the camera sensor.  The moving elements in front of the camera look blurry or smudged, while the still elements remain sharp.

Long exposure is usually associated with very low light such as dawn or night time photography. However long exposure can also be utilised during daylight hours particularly with a Neutral Density Filter. Most images require a sturdy tripod and an in camera timer delay or remote shutter release. This can achieve creative and unique looking imagery or visual effects.

Competition 6 Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle photography is a genre that mainly aims to capture portraits of people in situations, real-life events, milestones or important developmental events, or moments in an artistic manner.  Photos are usually unplanned and candid so they capture the beauty of each moment without staging. It captures the connections and emotion between people and loved ones in portraits that are relaxed. The photographer can gently prompt, however emotion comes naturally. There’s more action and movement in lifestyle photography.

Lifestyle photography shows an emotion and heart while the subject is completely involved with the situation, oblivious to the camera. It could be a family watching their child receive a graduation certificate, someone at work, different cultural activities, a captured moment on the street. It is that middle ground between portrait photography and documentary photography.

Lifestyle photography uses available complementary light.

Competition 7 Landscape/Seascape 

Images may be a Landscape or a Seascape. They should incorporate elements of the natural environment as it can be seen by the human eye, with the intention to bring the viewer into the scene. It may include evidence of human-made elements, people, animals, provided that these additional elements do not dominate the photograph.

Competition 8 Open

Competition 9 The Force of Nature

The Force of Nature images must include elements which reflect natural phenomena and demonstrate the force of the interaction between natural elements which is beyond human control. 

These may include weather events, water/wind erosion effects, floods, cyclones, storms, ocean waves, earthquakes, lightning, temperature extremes, effects of weathering etc.

General Notes

  1. Images must originate as photographs made by the entrant. They may not incorporate identifiable images produced by anyone else (for example: clip art, replacement skies, or stock images). Images created in whole or in part by image creation software (frequently called ‘AI’ images) are not allowed.  Editing or alteration of images is permitted but read the rules in each competition as to how much editing is permitted.
  1. Images taken using camera film will be considered providing the competition entries comply with the standard competition rules i.e., electronic files are provided of these entries for projection and for display on the DVPS website.

Activities for 2024:     “The Year of Experiment & Creativity”

14 Feb    The year overview.

Entries due for Competition 1 – Open

                  Entries due for VAPS

28 Feb       Melbourne City Walk

13 Mar      Judge Competition 1

Entries due Competition 2 – Monochrome.

17 Mar       Williamstown Railway/Spotswood Heritage Walk

27 Mar      You Be The Judge

10 Apr       Judge Competition 2

Entries due Competition 3 – Minimalism.

19-21 Apr Weekend away – Bellarine Peninsula

24 Apr       Antarctic Presentation – Ross Kimber

4 May         Bunnings BBQ

8 May        Judge Competition 3.

Entries due Competition 4 – Industrial /Agricultural

22 May      Leanne Cole – Guest Speaker “Long Exposure”

31 May       Closing date. APS Australia Cup Competition –

Theme “This is Australia”

2 June       DVPS – Whittlesea Friendly Challenge

12 Jun        Judge Competition 4

Entries due Comp 5 – Long Exposure

14-16 Jun VAPS – Berwick TBC

26 Jun       Portfolio Setup Preparations


10 Jul        Judge Competition 5.

Entries due Competition 6 – Lifestyle Portrait

23 Jul       Matt Krumins – Wildlife Healesville Sanctuary

24 Jul       Cam Blake – Landscape Presentation

Entries due for Rosanna Inter club

14 Aug      Judge Competition 6.

Entries due Competition 7 – Landscape/Seascape

25 Aug      Abbotsford Convent – photo walk

28 Aug      AGM. Triptych setup.

6 Sep         Dinner with Portfolio presentations

11 Sep        Judge Competition 7.

Entries due Competition 8 – Open

25 Sep      Rosanna Inter-club. DVPS Hosting

9 Oct         Judge Competition 8

Entries due Competition 9 – Forces Of Nature

End of Year entries due

11-13 Oct BFOP – Bright Festival Of Photography

23 Oct    Triptych Group Presentations

10 Nov   Werribee Mansion day trip photo walk

13 Nov    Judge Competition 9

27 Nov    Portrait and Lighting Workshop

6 Dec       End of Year Dinner.