Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

The best way to join is to attend one of our meetings. You are welcome to attend up to 3 meetings before making a commitment to join. If you decide to join, then contact one of the committee members at one of the meetings. After joining you will be provided with a ‘Club Membership Number’ for use in competitions.

Where do you meet?

Please see here for maps and details of where we meet.

What night do you meet?

The 2nd and 4th Wednesday Nights of the months February to November inclusive.

How long do the meetings go?

8pm is the start time, with meetings usually over by 10:30pm

How much does it cost?

Membership costs just $80 for a full year and pro-rata for periods less than a year. Families can join for $100. There is a one-off $10 joining fee per person which covers the production of the membership name tag.

What kind of photographers are members?

We have all levels of photographers from beginners to advanced amateurs and semi-professionals. The prime requirement is that you have fun with photography.

Do I have to have a certain type of camera?

Any camera will do.

How do the competitions work?

We hold regular competitions for both Open and Prescribed subjects. The competitions are usually judged by an external judge, and images are critiqued to provide positive feedback to the competitor.

Are there rules for the competitions?

Yes, there are some basic rules for the competitions. Once you become a member of the society, this and other information is made available on this site.

What are the benefits of membership?

The opportunity to meet with other people whose interest is in enjoying and improving their photography.  We have members with differing levels of skills and varying interests covering most photographic genres. Our members are easy going and relaxed and will be happy to answer questions and offer advice where they can. In addition, we have a very active list of activities throughout the year, many of which are aimed at exposing our members to different types of photography and challenging them to try new things, while making it an enjoyable experience as we can. Finally, you can enter competitions. While many newcomers may think that this is a little confronting at first, it is actually a great way to get constructive feedback on your work and learn how to improve. It is amazing how quickly new photographers take to the competitions once they have entered their first one!

What affiliations does the society have with other clubs?

The Society is a member of the Victorian Amateur Photographic Society usually referred to as VAPS, and we hold annual competitions within that society. We have also had long-running interclub competitions with both the Rosanna and Alexandra clubs.