Life Members

The organisation, from time to time honours with Life Membership those who have advanced the aims of the society over an extended period.

Gordon Allingham (dec.)

A box Brownie and the Melbourne cup seems a strange combination. Throw in a keen sense of humour and a remarkably positive attitude to life and you may know something of the life of Gordon Allingham. His tenth birthday present, a box Brownie, led to a distinguished career in photography. He was the official photographer for 30 Melbourne Cups. Gordon worked for the Age and Melbourne Truth newspapers as well as the Womans Day and Pix magazines. His career took him to all levels of society.

Gordon established a number of community groups including on 7th October 1981, the Diamond Valley Photographic Society. It began in Gordon’s picture framing business in Beewar street Greensborough. Gordon led the club with his usual enthusiasm, drive, energy and flair that he brought to all of his activities. The club became associated with V.A.P.S. and Gordon participated in both club and V.A.P.S. competitions, winning awards and merits for his work. He was made a life member of the Society in 1983. He died 22nd August 2000.

Ada Allingham – 1999

Right from the starting of the Society, Ada stood beside Gordon in his work. In the 18 years preceding her appointment as a life member on 3rd December 1999, Ada had held office either as President, or Secretary, or Treasurer or V-President for 14 years, as well as being in other years an ordinary committee member. During the last four years Ada has served another 2 years as President, and 2 years as a committee member. There is no doubt that the club owes a great deal to her consistent, efforts on behalf of others.

Like Gordon, Ada has been consistently helpful to new members, and they both encouraged new members to participate in all aspects of the club.

Fred Mitchell (dec.)

Fred has been a member of our club for a number of years, always getting involved in committee work of some kind and keeps the committee “honest”; in thinking through issues. Fred has promoted your club by holding very informative talks on digital correction by software to prints, organized massive meetings with representatives from Epson and Michaels presenting the latest in digital printers and software. Fred has also, whilst fighting to keep his health up to scratch, held the office of President, conning Gordon Allingham to be his ” public face” at functions such as the presentation dinner. The motion received by committee was seconded and all members present voted in favour of presenting the award.

Allan Burfitt – 2010

DVPS life members Ada Allingham and Fred Mitchell welcomed Allan Burfitt as the newest life member of the society at our annual awards night in December 2010. Life membership recognises significant contribution over time to the DVPS. Allan joined the DVPS in 1995 and has served the club with distinction in many roles including Competition Steward, Vice President and President as well as representing the DVPS as our delegate to the Victorian Amateur Photographic Society (VAPS). There are very few, if any DVPS activities in which Allan has not made a significant contribution as a planner, organiser or worker and over the years, where members have found him to be very supportive and willing to share his knowledge of photography. In addition to his many DVPS activities, Allan also finds time to voluntarily judge competitions for other clubs and in this role is an excellent ambassador for the DVPS in the broader photographic community.