Competitions for 2019

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1Open13 Feb13 Mar
2Bridges13 Mar10 Apr
3Shadows10 Apr8 May
4Portrait8 May12 Jun
5Macro / Closeup12 Jun10 Jul
6Night Time10 Jul7 Aug
7Open7 Aug11 Sep
8Open Black & White11 Sep9 Oct
9Landscapes/Seascapes9 Oct13 Nov

These are the guidelines for the above competitions:

As image-makers, there is nothing better than discovering a bridge with great character or significance.  Old bridges, new bridges, road or railway bridges, collapsed bridges or the remains of an unused bridge are some suggestions. Looking up to a bridge, looking down onto a bridge, the possibilities are endless. The bridge, however, must be the primary focus of the photo. The image can be in colour, black and white or monochrome (shades of one tone).
Subjects’ shot in bright light and casting deeply contrasting shadows make for powerful images. Similarly, images that show a marked contrast between light and shade can have significant impact on the viewer. Natural or artificial light can be used by image makers.
This year we have decided to make the focus on people. No animal photos are to be submitted to this competition. Here is a definition that may assist you in taking these images. ‘Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person, or group of people, that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses’.
Macro / Close Up: 
Not everyone has a macro lens so this is macro/close up photography.
“Macro photography is commonly defined as close-up photography of small items, often insects and flowers, but also still life like jewellery and small household objects. Macro photography encourages the photographer to take a closer look, it enables the shooter to search harder for small/minute subject matter and to make the everyday object appear extraordinary.”
With this definition in mind, a photograph cannot be heavily cropped to make it into a macro/close-up, it has to be taken “close-up”. Some cropping can be done to make the image better.
Night Time:
This is a competition for long exposure and includes landscape, urban environments and streetscapes. Blue sky, the time between sunset and dark are included in this definition. Light trails, lights in cities, astro and lighting up a foreground object are all encouraged.
Open: Black and White: 
‘A black and white photograph is an image where all colour has been removed (either in the digital process, or through the choice of film). It consists of shades of grey tone that generally go from dark (black) to light (white). A monochrome image also has the colour removed..’ The subject matter is open, you can submit, animals, people, objects abstract or otherwise.
Landscape / Seascape:
A landscape is a photograph of natural scenery with land and sky based elements displayed in a pictorial fashion. It may include evidence of people, animals, even part of the sea, provided that none of these additional elements dominate the photograph. A seascape is a photograph of natural coastal scenery, a wave study, or a picture of the open sea, provided always that the sea is the centre of interest of the photograph. People, boats and man-made structures may be present as incidental to the photograph.

Activities for 2019




13 Feb

“Using your Sensors”
This Year – Overview
Preparation of Print and EDPI Images for Competitions

Bring a plate for supper
Entries due for Competition 1 – Open
Entries due for VAPS

27 Feb

City Outing

13 Mar

Judging Competition 1

Entries due for Competition 2 – Bridges

27 Mar

Portrait / Full Body Workshop with Yana Martens

30 Mar

Outing to Melbourne University

10 Apr

Judging Competition 2

Entries due for Competition 3 – Shadows

13 Apr

Outing to Alfred Nicholas Gardens

24 Apr

Getting to know your Camera and Speedlight

8 May

Judging Competition 3

Entries due for Competition 4 – Portrait

22 May

Macro Workshop

25-26 May

VAPS Convention Traralgon

12 Jun

Judging Competition 4

Entries due for Competition 5Macro/ Closeup

26 Jun

Brief for Triptych

Membership Fees are due!

10 Jul

Judging Competition 5

Entries due for Competition 6 – Night Time

21 Jul

Studio Photoshoot – eleven40 Studio

24 Jul

Triptych – Presentation and Supper

Entries due for Rosanna Interclub

14 Aug

Judging Competition 6

Entries due for Competition 7Open

28 Aug

Black and White Workshop

11 Sep

Judging Competition 7

Entries due for Competition 8 – Open Black & White

19 Sep

Rosanna Interclub at Rosanna (Thursday)

25 Sep

Audio Visual Presentation

9 Oct

Judging Competition 8

Entries due for Competition 9Landscapes/Seascapes
Entries due for End Of Year

11-13 Oct

Weekend Away – Mathoura, NSW

19 Oct

Outing to Serendip Sanctuary, Lara

23 Oct

Light Painting

9/10 Nov

Eltham Festival

13 Nov

Judging Competition 9

27 Nov

Peter Walton & Jane Burns presentation

6 Dec

End Of Year Dinner